Learn Vietnamese Language anywhere, anytime...

The Hiroshima YWCA has been offering a Vietnamese language course on every Saturday since 1998.The class has been highly appraised by the students and as a result the number of students who desire to learn the language is rapidly increasing. Due to strong interest from students who reside outside of Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima YWCA began to offer the course in a distance learning format.

Using internet technologies (video, e-mail, blogs, chat, wiki, podcast) we delivered the course exactly the same as was the course in the YWCA classroom. Students are required to give a feedback by completing tests and quizzes .Twelve students throughout Japan enrolled in the summer course that has been started in July 1998.This is the first of such a foreign language course ever launched in Japan. We got several positive comments from the students. One of the students who lives in Chiba Prefecture stated that " I felt the presence of the instructor closed to me although we were apart from each other" . Another student in Kobe told us after participating in the chat session that " I do not feel lonely as I did in the traditional correspondence course".

Our instructor. Nguyen Ngoc An-G, is a native of Vietnam who has been trained in teaching in distance learning at the Open University (U. K) . Nguyen is a graduate of International Christian University in Tokyo. For the time being, only Japanese speakers are accepted into the program. We are trying our best to provide the same format of instruction to English speakers in the near future. If you leave your name and e-mail address, we will send your further details later. 

Thank you very much for your interest in Nguyen School. We look forward to having you as one of our prospective students in the future.

Nguyen School
A not-for-profit organization in Hiroshima, Japan.